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Pulled Pork Smashburger Recipe

Yields1 ServingPrep Time5 minsCook Time5 minsTotal Time10 mins

Pulled Pork Smashburger Recipe

 8 oz 80/20 ground beef
 2 Slices American Style Cheese
 Leftover pulled pork
 2 tbsp Mayo
 2 tbsp BBQ Sacue
 Postal BBQ Mad Cow Rub
 Brioche bun
Step #1

There isn't much to making these delicious pulled pork smashburgers but it is best to prepare all your ingredients before you start cooking. First, form your balls of ground beef into 4oz balls then slice your pepperoncinis and coleslaw. Lastly mix together the BBQ Mayo.

Step #2

Next, set up the SNS Grills plancha. To do this I filled up a charcoal basket with unlit briquettes and get them about 3/4 lit. At this point dump your coals into the Slow N Sear Kettle without the Slow N Sear basket. Arrange the coals on the back side of the bowl in a moon shape. Next place the Plancha on top of the coals and let the plancha griddle come up to tempreture. We are shooting to be cooking these smashburgers around 400F.

Step #3

With the plancha up to temperature, place your beef balls onto the griddle and smash them down flat nice and thin. Next, season them with our Mad Cow rub and let them cook until the burgers have formed a nice crust on the bottom. This will only take a few minutes. Next, warm up your pulled pork on the cooler side of the plancha. After a few minutes your burgers will be ready to flip at which point you will add your American style cheese.

Step #4

Once your burgers are done and the cheese has melted slightly move everything to the cool zone of the griddle and begin to build your burger beginning with you toasted bun. We built ours by starting with our BBQ mayo, smashburgers, pulled pork, pepperoncinis, and then lastly a little more of our bbq mayo.

Now the only thing left to do is go in for a taste... You'll thank me later!

Pulled Pork Smashburger

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 2

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