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Nashville Hot Pulled Chicken Recipe

Yields1 Serving

Nashville hot chicken Recipe

 1 Whole Chicken
 Postal Barbecue CHICK'N Rub
 Sliced Pickles
 Brioche Bun
Nashville Hot Chicken Sauce (makes enough for 1 full LARGE Chicken)
 1 Butter
 5 tbsp Cayenne Pepper (add more to taste)
 1 tbsp Course Black Pepper
 4 tsp Garlic Powder
 3 tbsp Brown Sugar

To make this delicious Nashville Hot pulled chicken sandwich you don't need a lot of ingredients and best of all you don't need a lot of time to make them. To start with take your whole chicken and break it down into two halves by first removing the backbone and then slicing through the breast bone of the chicken. Once your chicken has been split into two halves, season it up with your favourite chicken rub. On our chicken we used our Postal Barbecue CHICK'N Rub which is our go to rub for chicken every time we fire up the grill.


When your chicken has been seasoned, set up the grill for two zone indirect cooking somewhere around 325F. If you are a little hotter or a little cooler that is fine, as it won't change the cooking time or result much. With your grill tempreture stabilized, place the chicken onto the grill opposite the coals and then add in some wood for added smoky flavour. Lastly close the lid and smoke your chicken until it has reached 163F in the breast - This will give a little bit of room for the chicken to rest up to just past a safe tempreture of 165F.


Once the smoked chicken has finished, remove it from the grill to rest for 10 minutes and to allow the chicken to cool a bit. During this time, take a small skillet or cast iron pan and place it over the side of the coals and begin to make your Nashville Hot Chicken Sauce. To do this add in your butter, cayenne, black pepper, garlic powder, and brown sugar. Mix it all together until everything is incorporated and then remove from the heat.


The last thing to do is to pull apart your chicken into small bite sized shreds of chicken and then add in as much or as little of the Nashville hot chicken sauce as you wish! Remember it is supposed to have a little bit of a kick so don't be shy with the sauce! Once everything is mixed together, grab your brioche bun and place a small amount of Mayo onto the bottom bun followed by a generous amount of your spicy pulled chicken. Next, top it with some pickles to help cut some of the heat. Lastly as an option you can put a little bit of the Nashville hot chicken sauce onto the top bun. Top the bun, grab some potato salad and jump into your feast!

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

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