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Our CHICK’N RUB is packed full of flavour and made specifically for your next chicken feast! It has notes of sweet garlic, a bit of heat, with a slight tang to tease your tastebuds. This rub also goes great on veggies and more!

2 reviews for CHICK’N Rub

  1. Tommy Wallis

    Fantastic rub! A smooth, sweet heat rub that produces a standout color! Perfect on chicken!

  2. Allen Mattoon (verified owner)

    Very good rub but over priced for five ounces.

    • objektivdigital

      Hi Allen,

      Thank you for the positive review. I’m replying on behalf of Jabin since he must have missed this. As a fellow customer of what my household likes to call “Postal Powder,” we agree it is very good as well.

      Having created Jabin’s website I have been intimately involved with a first-hand account of Jabin’s business practices and I can assure he offers the lowest price possible. Everything is done in-house almost entirely by him and all ingredients are sourced in a scale that is an excellent balance cost-effective without being wasteful.

      Sadly, he is not your typical spice rub producer, which means he does not have a sufficient number of customers to create the economies of scale that would allow for a price that is as competitive as the usual big-box producer. Combine recent global inflationary and supply chain challenges with the high costs associated with being located on Vancouver Island, and you may understand what a tricky situation it can be.

      Thank you again for your positive review and we will continue to be sure keep prices as low as possible!

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