In this ForeverWare STAINLESS Cast Iron Review video, we will be looking at the new stainless cast iron 9” breakfast skillet from foreverware!. This stainless cast iron skillet is made from a custom blending of 16 different metals to help form this new superalloy that gives you the benefit of cast iron but the convenience of stainless steel. 




Cast iron is the serious cook’s heavy duty, high heat cooking tool — the best there is for searing meats, braising, broiling, cooking stovetop-to-oven dishes, doing serve-to-table dishes, baking, and more — where quick, even heating, high temperatures, and the need for high heat retention really matter. No other type of pan can meet these challenges.

That’s what we mean by “ForeverWare cooks like cast iron.” Whatever dishes you cook with cast iron, just keep doing them with ForeverWare. The only differences are that our pans heat a bit quicker, hold heat a bit longer, and can handle even higher temps than cast iron. Oh… and they’re super easy to clean. Completely, truly, clean.

No. More. Seasoning. Period. Cast iron rusts if not seasoned. Carbon steel rusts if not seasoned. So, you use these tools knowing the bargain — you get their heating properties, but, you have to invest the time and effort and brain work to always be compensating for their weaknesses.

Any Heat Source. Heats and cooks quicker than cast iron (and holds more heat than cast iron) with any heat source. Handles up to 600º F easily.

  • Gas stovetop
  • Charcoal or gas grill
  • Electric stovetop
  • Wood stove
  • Halogen/infrared stovetop
  • Induction stovetop or hob
  • Gas or electric oven
  • Camp fire

With ForeverWare, you get the highest utility high heat cooking tool in existence, but… when you’re done, just take it to the sink and quickly scrub it back to bare, clean metal, and set it down. No hassles, no guessing what you can or can’t do with it, no caution needed at all. Just cook anything you wish, and then clean the pan any way you like.


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